What if your stylist isn't able to give you THAT hairstyle you saw on the internet?

What if your make up artist spoiled the make up on your wedding day?

What if you cracked your Mum's bone, while giving her a back massage?

What if you get more pimples with THAT treatment recommended by your sister's friend?

What if you could look good with a new haircut but never tried it and just stuck on your old barber!

What if you tried TheChairr.com

Who’s behind TheChairr?

It's okay to make a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things.

It's hard to believe that best friends who studied together in junior college all the way till graduation, lost touch, until one day post getting their masters' degrees met with some other friends (reunion) at a local cafe and that's when TheChairr was conceptualised. No one thought that the reunion would result in the beginning of something so beautiful.

Ebrahim Ishaq was at the time involved in his family business focusing on luxury and budget hotels in Mumbai. His hunger for being an entrepreneur never died given that he had a well settled family business. He read about start-ups and explored various opportunities to make a team and work, but it wasn't until he re-met Bhavyassh that it happened. His euroka moment was when Bhavyassh (his best friend at college for 5 years) agreed to explore the wellness and grooming sector together.

Bhavyassh never thought he'd be back in India to join his family business of logistics and transportation after working in London, Delhi and then in Dubai. Mothers being mothers, she wanted him to join his family business. Bhavyassh returned to Mumbai with a promise to not regret his decision. It was London to Dubai to Delhi and now to Mumbai and eventually to this cafe table (TheChairr). He hasn't regretted his decision after that or even thought of looking back.

Bhavyassh and Ebrahim Ishaq spent hours planning, analysing, exploring the internet to validate their idea, but the internet had nothing to show them. They've studied the wellness and grooming space to the T and interacted with the players in the space, so much so that they can both give great hair cuts now ;)

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